If you are in a time in which:

Have a problem, how to deal with the changes taking place in your life, you are happy, but something you "pinches", you do not know how to deal with parents and siblings, partner with whom you are not completely meet your expectations, you're feeling overwhelmed, feeling that the environment throws at you too many responsibilities and requirements, you can not get out of network addiction and family pressures,placed not lay a good relationship with other people, with a partner, have problems in relationships or marriage crisis, feel helpless and you're feeling lost in life, you have doubts about your own values, not disposed to maintain relationship created by you, considering a career choice, you are not satisfied with your current job, but do not know why, feel unhappy. 

I invite you. You can be happy, provided that you give yourself a chance.

There is no situation from which there is no escape, almost always.
There are several solutions, I'll show them to you, and you will have the opportunity to made the choice, that will please you and help you find your way out of the current situation.