There is no situation from which there is no escape. Only we sometimes can not see it come try to create a way out!

You will find the real cause of the crisis , you will find , what you links obalicie myths about marriage that does not allow you to find a common language ii cope with difficulties.

If you ask yourselves questions?

Whether this relationship , you can still fix it? Whether we can deal with the changes? Why What was not a problem some time ago , now makes such difficulty? Why is it different than before marriage? Why work seems to be more important than me? Why friends do not understand that to change? Whether a marriage can last without trust? Or if you are tired you admit guilt to everything? Whether the couple must do everything together? Whether spouses should be best friends? Or must have a common interest?  

Or let go of your partner when you want , or fight? Or partners if they love , they should understand each other without words? Or the opposite of your character, is a guarantee for the future? Or a good marriage , it is a perfect partnership? 

Feel free to find answers to these and other questions that bother you in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

Change is possible, needs work, but it is possible.

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